HealthyAir 800™ For Workplaces

HealthyAir 800™ For Workplaces


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PRE-ORDER ONLY shipping from 1st March 2021

Decontaminate the polluted air in your room.

There are many air purifiers on the market but until now none have been able to reliably capture and destroy the most harmful pollutants, nor avoid the risk of secondary pollution. It is designed for larger spaces or those with high traffic.

HealthyAir 800™ removes all the most dangerous pollutants including carcinogenic gases like NOx and SOx, odours, formaldehyde, pollen, bacteria and viruses. 


Pollution-erasing technology removes:

NOx, SOx, Formaldehyde, VOC, Ammonia, Odour, Bacteria, Viruses, Pollen, H2S, CO, Benzene & PM2.5

HealthyAir 800™ Features

     Pollution Erasing DNO Technology  
The Healthy Air catalytic filter breaks down harmful pollutants, toxic gases and unpleasant odours..

     University Research
Developed by leading chemists at Oxford University who specialise in air sanitisation and pollution erasure.

     Easy to install and use
The HealthyAir 800™ simply plugs into the wall and operates from a remote control handset as well as the buttons on the machine.

The filter lifetime is several times longer than regular HEPA charcoal filters, saving money on replacements.

     High Efficiency
The large centrifugal fan has super dynamic balance and operates at low noise. Two large filters accelerate the cleaning capacity of the unit.

     Smart Control
The built-in laser sensor detects and displays PM2.5 air pollution levels in real time, giving you a diagnostic overview of the air quality in your room.

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Details Information
Product Name HealthyAir 800™
Colour Off white and dark grey
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Level 5:  780m³/h    Level 1: 156m³/h
Noise level 36db – 67db
Size 47 x 44 x 91cm
Weight 15.2Kg
Power 80W Max
Fan settings 5 settings
Control Manual and Auto Settings
Power supply 220V-240V, 50 Hz
Filter type Pre-filter, HEPA filter, DNO Pollution Erasing catalyst filter
Filter Size Two Filters. Each is 542mm * 268mm * 70mm
Filter replacement indicator Yes (light)
Filter Lifetime 12 months approx. (depending on light or heavy usage)
HEPA Grade H13

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