HealthyAir 30™ Personal Air Purifier


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HealthyAir Purifiers use revolutionary DNO Technology, designed to keep the air around you safe by removing and destroying pollutants in the air with no release of secondary pollution.

Revolutionary Pollution Erasing Technology

Developed by Leading Oxford Scientists

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Protect Your Home and Car From Airborne Pollutants

The HealthyAir 30™ is our lightweight, portable solution to the air-purity problem. It provides the same purification technology as the HealthyAir 500™ on a smaller scale. The 30m3/h clean air delivery rate is ideal for the car, desk or home-workspace, and its low power consumption means it is cost-effective to run.

The unit benefits from both an adapter for your car, and standard 3-pin mains plug. It is fully assembled, making it operational right out of the box it comes in, so you can start purifying the air you breathe immediately. 

Air inside your vehicles can be up to 12x worse than that on the roads, meaning our daily commute can become dangerous over a long period. Likewise, our shared work-spaces receive much more person-to-person pollution, which our unit counteracts, creating a safe-bubble for you to rely on, granting you peace of mind.

Key Features

  DNO Technology

DNO, or D-Orbital Nano Oxide Technology is the key to our unique purifier. It targets and destroys the pollutants it comes into contact with, replacing them with harmless CO2 and water.

  Lightweight, Portable Design

The small form factor makes HealthyAir 30™ compact and lightweight, making it ideal as a work and travel companion. It fits easily into a handbag or rucksack, allowing you to take it where you need it.

  3 Fan Speeds

The HealthyAir 30™ provides three different fan-speeds which cater to your purifying needs. The lowest setting is ideal when you need a quiet workspace, whereas our highest setting will clean the air in your vicinity more quickly.

  Additional Ioniser

Our units have an additional ioniser at the end of the filtration process, which sends statically charged particles back to the DNO filter, or traps them on its surface. 

Which pollutants do we target?

Our HEPA13 filter removes 99.95% of particles up to 0.1 microns, targeting mould, dust, pollen and pet dander.

Our DNO filter targets gaseous or airborne chemicals and biological pollutants. These include NOx (including NO2) and SOx (Including SO2), viruses, bacteria and formaldehyde. The excellent hourly removal rates are shown below, and were proven by SGS Geneva, a highly regarded independent product testing company.

Biological Pollutants Removal Rate

H1N1 influenza A virus: 99.9%
Staphylococcus aureus bacteria: 99.9%

Chemical Pollutants Removal Rate

SOx (Sulphur dioxide): 99.8%
NOx (Nitrogen dioxide): 99.6%
VOC (Formaldehyde): 97.4%

Technical Specifications 



Product Name HealthyAir 30™
Colour Black with silver accent
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Lowest Fan Speed Setting:  8.6 m³/h        
Highest Fan Speed Setting :25.9 m³/h 
Noise Level 53.8 dB
Size Height:  5cm
Width:  16cm
Depth:  16cm
Weight 500g
Power 4.5W
Fan settings 3 settings; low, medium and high
Control Manual and Auto Settings
Power Supply 220V-240V, 50 Hz OR 12V DC car connection
Filter Types Pre-Filter
Dual HEPA Filters
DNO Pollution-Erasing Catalyst Filter
Filter One Replaceable Filter
Filter Replacement Indicator Yes (light)
Filter Lifetime 12 months approx. (depending on light or heavy usage)
HEPA Grade H13

Delivery & Returns
How long will delivery take?

HealthyAir Purifiers are in great demand, so delivery may take up to 10 working days. We will confirm a specific delivery date after your order is placed. 

What is the warranty period?

Each HealthyAir Purifier benefits from a 1 year warranty period.

What is the returns policy? 

You'll benefit from a 30 day risk-free trial. If you are not delighted with the benefits of breathing safe healthy air, you can return the purifier in as-new condition within 30 days for a full refund. UK mainland only. 

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