D-Orbital Nano Oxide (DNO) Technology 

Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, and can use fundamentally different technologies. Other than the quality of the HEPA filter used, it is how well the technology deals with the smaller, deadlier contaminants that really sets purifiers apart. Our DNO technology destroys harmful pollutants, keeping you and your family safe. Below, we explain how. 


DNO Summary

HEPA filters are very good at removing “large” particles, like pollen, dust and pet-dander, but they do not deal with airborne particles that are small enough to fit through the filter. HealthyAir Purifiers employ revolutionary DNO technology, a special kind of filtration that removes the tiniest particles from the air by destroying them, rather than just trapping them.

The technology uses a material called a catalyst to clean the air as it passes through the filter. Catalysts accelerate the reactions between particles in the air, which means that it makes the particles easier to destroy.

The harmful pollutants are destroyed when they interact with other molecules on the surface of the catalyst, and turn into the harmless gases of water vapour and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The air that comes out of the filter is much cleaner than the air that went in, and the nasty particles taken out of the air are destroyed rather than trapped, which means there is no risk to your health when you change the filter.

HealthyAir Purifiers use DNO technology.

Filtration & Pollutant Removal

The DNO filter is an activated carbon filter, which is coated with a combination of patent protected catalytic metal oxides. Activated carbon is similar to charcoal, and has some useful adsorptive properties, which make it ideal for odour removal.

The catalysts used, developed by Oxford University researchers, take advantage of the cleansing properties of free-radical molecules. These molecules are highly reactive, because they have an ‘open electron shell’. Basically, they are unstable, and are seeking out something else to react with, in order to become more stable. For example, a pollutant. The function is quite similar to a catalytic converter in a car, which breaks down some harmful pollutants before they leave the exhaust.

The problem with a catalytic converter is that you need the temperature to be at least 150oC for it to work. Our catalysts are specially chosen because they perform at ambient temperatures. This means that they don’t need to be heated, allowing them to operate efficiently without extra energy requirements.

Activated carbon is used for its excellent adsorptive properties.          

Orbitals & Free Radicals

Harnessing free-radical molecules is done by using orbitals, which are electron fields. It is actually how the DNO Technology gets its name, we use a D-Orbital, which forms a four-ring pattern of electrons, again maximising the area in which the molecules will have a chance to react.

The molecules we use are free-radicals, which include ROS (reactive species of oxygen), ozone (O3), peroxide ions (O2-2), “hydroxy” (-OH) molecules, among others. These molecules are the ones which react with the tiny organic matter in viruses and bacteria, or the gaseous chemical matter in NOx and SOx.

These free-radical particles are kept on the surface of the catalyst, which means that they never leave the unit, making their deployment completely safe to humans, and entirely beneficial.

This technology was developed over a period of 15 years by scientists leading in the field of catalyst development.  


DNO has been developed by leading Oxford scientists.                  

The Dangers of Indoor Pollution

While the vast amount of pollution occurs in outdoor environments, indoor pollution endangers the average person every day much more than outdoor pollution, because it is both more dangerous, and we spend a lot more time indoors.

In 2019, Global Action Plan confirmed that air indoors has between 3.5 to 500x the pollutants of the air outside. Although we assume the air inside is safe to breathe, it is clear that this is not the case. This pollution is a problem and we have to act.

Breathing harmful pollutants day after day is a threefold cause for concern:

  1. We are more likely to fall ill
  2. Our illness is more likely to worsen
  3. We will be sick for a longer period of time

Air pollution is the invisible enemy, impacting the lives of many. There is no question why the World Health Organisation has placed it as the number one risk to human life, responsible for nearly 4 million deaths a year.

Why are we affected more by pollutants indoors?

The majority of harmful pollutants are heavier than the air particles they are transported by. This means that when they enter a home, and they are no-longer being moved by a continuous flow of air, they are deposited until they are moved again.

Consequently, pollutants lurk within a home for far longer than they would outside, and they are more likely to be inhaled in higher concentrations and to cause damage.

Throughout our houses, especially those with older designs, air-flow was rarely a priority. Even if you open your windows, certain rooms and parts of your home will never have enough circulation to disturb the pollutants, for example a broom-cupboard or a bedroom. Our homes collect more pollutants each year. This does not even take into account the issues specific houses may have, such as dampness, asbestos leakage and radon exposure, all of which increase the likelihood of high-concentrations of pollutants in your home, and that you will suffer from them.

On average, we spend around 61% of our time in our homes and 85% of our time indoors, which means our exposure to these pollutants becomes worryingly high even after just a week. We spend hours trapped with these pollutants, but we should take steps to ensure our air is healthier and cleaner.

HealthyAir 500™ Home Air Purifier

The HealthyAir 500™ helps to keep the air in your home safe by decontaminating the air in the room. It delivers 500 m³ of PM2.5-cleaned air per hour to the whole room, all the time working to avoid dead spots.

Using ground-breaking multi-patented DNO Pollution Erasing Technology invented by chemists in Oxford, the four-stage filtration system pulls in the contaminated air from around the room, capturing and destroying germs, bacteria and dangerous gases.

Two large inlet multi-patented DNO filter cartridges draw a large volume of air through the four-stage filtration system. A powerful fan projects a strong upward flow of fresh air, pushing it into the far reaches of the room and drawing in the uncleaned contaminated air.

This revolutionary home air purifier benefits from an intuitive control panel with five fan-speed settings. The remote control handset allows you to alter the settings from the comfort of your armchair. It is environmentally friendly, consuming just 45 W at the highest setting, with automatic, sleep and low-noise modes.

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