Four Stage Filtration Process

HealthyAir Purifiers employ a 4-stage filtration process, designed to maximise particulate removal, leaving the air sanitised and safe to breathe. 

Stage One: Primary Filter
The front grate on the outside of the HealthyAir 500™ is the primary filter, an easy-to-remove filter that stops the largest particles and preserves life-spans of the internal filters. It is the first line of defence and while it doesn’t stop a high percentage of particles, it is a very important step. It can be removed and cleaned easily.

Stage Two: HEPA Filter
Our combined HEPA filter uses two HEPA filters in sequence, which remove dust, pollen and dander. These are medical grade H13 filters that remove 99.95% of particles at 0.1 microns or larger. This traps large particles which are present in every home, such as pollen, dust, animal dander and others


Stage Three: DNO Filter
Our DNO catalytic filter is patented technology that destroys the tiniest airborne particles that sneak past the HEPA filter, cleansing the air by destroying pollutants. It is designed to destroy all biological and chemical pollutants that come into contact with it, which includes 99% of the H1N1 Virus (Influenza A), and 99.8% of SO2 per hour among other excellent removal rates.

Stage Four: Ioniser
If that wasn’t enough, we use an ioniser to clean the air even further on its way out. This charges the air around the tiny percentage of particles which escape the DNO filter, which forces the particles to collide with the nearest conductive surface. This means they are sent back to the DNO filter, or they are contained by the ioniser’s surface.

The Result? Safe, Healthy Air
The fan then pushes out clean, safe, healthy air, and continues to move air around the room so that more can be decontaminated. In just one hour, the HealthyAir Purifiers will remove the vast majority of dangerous pollutants from the air, helping you and your family breathe easy.


HealthyAir 500™ Home Air Purifier

The HealthyAir 500™ helps to keep the air in your home safe by decontaminating the air in the room. It delivers 500 m³ of PM2.5-cleaned air per hour to the whole room, all the time working to avoid dead spots.

Using ground-breaking multi-patented DNO Pollution Erasing Technology invented by chemists in Oxford, the four-stage filtration system pulls in the contaminated air from around the room, capturing and destroying germs, bacteria and dangerous gases.

Two large inlet multi-patented DNO filter cartridges draw a large volume of air through the four-stage filtration system. A powerful fan projects a strong upward flow of fresh air, pushing it into the far reaches of the room and drawing in the uncleaned contaminated air.

This revolutionary home air purifier benefits from an intuitive control panel with five fan-speed settings. The remote control handset allows you to alter the settings from the comfort of your armchair. It is environmentally friendly, consuming just 45W at the highest setting, with automatic, sleep and low-noise modes.


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