NOx and SOx

Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are two of the most dangerous pollutants, and they are not trapped very well by standard HEPA filters.

NOx (Nitrogen Oxides, Including Nitrogen Dioxide)

NOx gases are primarily created when we burn fossil fuels. The high temperatures generated in the air by burning petroleum and other oils causes nitrogen to react with oxygen, and as a result, forms these harmful oxides. The main one we are concerned with is nitrogen dioxide.

They are associated with various long-term health effects and conditions, which put people at risk when they are exposed for a long period. NO2 has often been cited as a serious problem for sufferers with asthma, and may even cause it if you are over-exposed as a child. It is also associated with lung-tissue damage, heart disease and other increases in mortality. Many also believe it weakens the immune system, especially when exposures are regular.



SOx (Sulphur Oxides, Including Sulphur Dioxide)

Sulphur oxides include many compounds of sulphur and oxygen, but our main concern is SO2.

SO2 is often released by the burning of fossil fuels, especially coal. It is also released naturally by volcanoes, as if we needed any more reasons to be careful around volcanoes!

SO2 is a harmful pollutant to humans, and can cause many problems when they are exposed to it. It can cause breathing issues, it can damage lung tissue, it is sometimes regarded as an irritant and according to a 2011 conducted in the US, may cause preterm birth.




HealthyAir 500™ Home Air Purifier

The HealthyAir 500™ helps to keep the air in your home safe by decontaminating the air in the room. It delivers 500 m³ of PM2.5-cleaned air per hour to the whole room, all the time working to avoid dead spots.

Using ground-breaking multi-patented DNO Pollution Erasing Technology invented by chemists in Oxford, the four-stage filtration system pulls in the contaminated air from around the room, capturing and destroying germs, bacteria and dangerous gases.

Two large inlet multi-patented DNO filter cartridges draw a large volume of air through the four-stage filtration system. A powerful fan projects a strong upward flow of fresh air, pushing it into the far reaches of the room and drawing in the uncleaned contaminated air.

This revolutionary home air purifier benefits from an intuitive control panel with five fan-speed settings. The remote control handset allows you to alter the settings from the comfort of your armchair. It is environmentally friendly, consuming just 45W at the highest setting, with automatic, sleep and low-noise modes.


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