Eliminate airborne pollutants from your home
Breathe Safe with HealthyAir 500™

Kill Airborne Pollutants
Purify unclean, unsafe air containing physical, biological and chemical pollutants.

Life-Saving Technology
Ground-breaking technology captures, kills and converts harmful pollutants into harmless by-products.

Breathe Clean, Safe Air
Enjoy clean, safe air that has passed through a revolutionary four-stage filtration process.

Meet the HealthyAir500™

Revolutionary Home Air Purifier

The HealthyAir 500™ helps to keep the air in your home safe by decontaminating the air circulating in the room. It delivers 500 m³ of clean air per hour to the whole room, all the time working to avoid dead spots.

Using ground-breaking multi-patented DNO Pollution Erasing Technology, invented by chemists in Oxford, the four-stage filtration system pulls in the contaminated air from around the room, capturing and destroying germs, bacteria and dangerous gases.

Two large inlet DNO filter cartridges draw a large volume of air through the four-stage filtration system. A powerful fan projects a strong upward flow of fresh air, pushing it into the far reaches of the room and drawing in the uncleaned, contaminated air.

This cutting-edge home air purifier benefits from an intuitive control panel with five fan-speed settings. The remote control handset allows you to alter the settings from the comfort of your armchair. It is environmentally friendly, consuming just 45W at the highest setting, with automatic, sleep and low-noise modes.

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Free HealthyAir 30™ Personal Air Purifier worth £249.95 when you quote your exclusive offer code at checkout.

Air Quality Indicator

Accurate PM2.5, temperature and humidity readings.

Intuitive Control Panel

Adjust fan speed, sleep mode and ioniser settings.

Remote Control

Complete control from the comfort of your chair.

Eradicate Airborne Pollutants

Evidence suggests that polluted air shortens average life expectancy by an incredible 3 years, killing more than 8 million people annually.

Using revolutionary DNO Pollution Erasing Technology, the HealthyAir 500™ home air purifier destroys harmful airborne physical, biological and chemical pollutants that other purifiers can't handle, converting them into water and harmless gases.

If you need a home air purifier for pollutants, look no further. The HealthyAir 500™ employs highly specialist chemicals and bespoke filter cartridges designed to keep the air around you and your loved ones safe to breathe.

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research about air pollution
The truth about indoor air pollution
The issue of indoor air pollution has largely been overshadowed by outdoor air pollution, but it is a very real problem.

While the majority of pollutants are caused outside of homes, indoor air quality can be up to 500 times worse than outside.

This is because indoor circulation is inefficient and the harmful particles in our homes stay in contact with us for far longer than they would outside.