Serious Technology
Pollution Erasure

A British Success Story

At Serious Brands we are focussed on making a life difference through the application of pioneering technologies on the human condition. We are all about light fidelity and air quality and have been pursuing their positive effects relentlessly for over 35 years.

Serious Lighting is built around Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM . SeriousAirTM benefits from multi-patented DNO TechnologyTM. (D-Orbital Nano Oxide)

Clever Technology

DNO pollution erasing technology has been developed at Oxford University by Dr Xiao Tiancun of Healthy Air Technology Ltd. It involves a series of patented advanced environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency catalysts that use specific surface air carriers to support the cleaning action of active oxide materials.

Harmful pollutants are converted into harmless substances like water and safe gases.

Kills Airborne Germs DEAD

DNO technology thoroughly removes pollutants in the air, returning it to purity. It kills biological pollutants like viruses and bacteria.

It captures physical pollutants like pollen and the PM2.5 matter that gets into our lungs, blood, hearts and brains. And it destroys chemical pollutants like formaldehyde, ozone, and the seriously dangerous NOx and SOx gases.

Certified to Kill 99.99% of H1N1 Virus in the Air

Different pollutants are different shapes and sizes. DNO technology uses a catalyst operating at the tiniest nano-particle level to accelerate the chemical cleansing effects of oxygen.

It does this via a number of patented processes including the manufacture of the catalyst itself with a huge surface area creating a sponge-like pollutant absorbency effect. Just one gram of the catalyst has 1000m2 of surface area. This is the equivalent of 10 football pitches of catalytic material.