Why Healthy Air?

Why Healthy Air?

Healthy Air ™ is an innovative new technology that removes and destroys pollutants.

Other air purifying filters absorb the pollutants rather than destroying them, which means they can be released back into the air when the temperature rises or when the filter has reached full absorption.

Healthy Air™ is the most advanced technology on the market and can remove virtually all pollutants and particles from the air. If you stop using it in your car you will notice and feel the difference. We don’t realise that pollutants come from the furnishings used inside the car as well as traffic and car emissions.


Air pollution is understood to shorten lives and is being linked to more and more health issues including asthma, heart disease, and mental health*.  Healthy Air ™ has been designed to purify the air around you and to protect the whole family. 

The Healthy Air 10™ is designed for your car with low power usage, low noise and intelligent function. The fan speed will adapt to the levels of pollutants in your car.  The colour indicator shows the changing purity of the air in real time.


Our technology removes and destroys pollutants, unlike other filters which absorb them.

*University of Chicago.


Filter Technology

Integrated high-quality filter with three layers; primary layer, high-efficiency layer and nano-catalyst layer. Whether it is large particles such as floating dust in the air, or as small as micron-level harmful substances, it can be effectively removed. 

The high-efficiency Catalyst in the filter element can decompose various harmful gases such as Nox, Sox, Ozone, formaldehyde, odour from tobacco and alcohol which lasts longer with no secondary pollution.  Filter performance is more than 10 times that of ordinary activated carbon filter.

Pollution Eraser Technology

High Quality Components

Power cuts off when cover opens for safety. Hall magnetic induction protection secures any mis-operation from happening and ultimately defends any small hands from getting near it. 

High-efficiency multi-layer filter. Multiple filtration to effectively cleansing air. 

Strong, high performance centrifugal inlet fan. The high efficiency 10025 centrifugal fan built with double ball bearings. It is quiet, has great stability, reliability and a long service life. It can run for 5-8 hours continuously. 

PV plus V0 fireproof plastic. Adoption fold type accords with filter net. Multiple filtration can effectively purify air.