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Nobody is Immune

In 2016, the WHO estimated that 91% of the world’s population was living in places where basic air quality guidelines were not being met. This impacts pretty much all of us. As well as cutting over 4 million lives short every year, dirty air is also the chronic cause of many life-changing respiratory problems, skin and eye irritation, leukaemia, and liver and kidney failure.

The Invisible Killer

Air pollution is a ruthless silent killer. Pollutants such as tiny particulate matter, which penetrate our lungs, hearts and other vital organs via the bloodstream cause untold health damage. British Heart Foundation Research shows that exposure to air pollution damages our blood vessels and increases the risk of blood clots, raising the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Long term exposure to carcinogenic poisonous gases like nitrogen oxides (NOx) has been linked directly to lung cancer.

Nobody disputes the human cost of air pollution. The mystery is why we don’t act to protect ourselves, and our families against such a clear and present danger. It has taken the pandemic for us to realise that we cant take fresh air for granted.